Smart Home Spotlight: Access Networks

Smart Home Spotlight: Access Networks

Smart homes are the future of society. They make your life easier all around. From lighting by touch, time, or sense. To video calls that play throughout your home. If you really want to fully utilize your home you need to make it a smart home.

Well a smart home requires a wired and/or wireless network system, and they are not all the same. Some software is laggy, some hardware doesn’t perform well under conditions, and some just is junk. This is where Access Networks comes into play.

Access Networks is one of the worlds leading wireless / wired dealers that specialize in both software and hardware. Best of all their motto is everything should be business grade. So instead of getting a watered down router to control your wife system, you are getting the same top of the line router a fortune 500 company in New York would be using. So lets go over some of their strongest perks.

The Software

Access networks uses a system called Live Monitoring which allows you to not only constantly monitor how your network is running, but allows you to connect to their support staff when you want and give them access to see what is going on with your setup. This saves you time from trying to trouble IT itself.

The Hardware

As we previously said they make everything professional business grade. So you wont get a run of the mill generic system from your local store, you are getting the top tier setups. This include wireless and wireless access points and controllers to make sure everything is working perfectly.

The Future

Access Networks isn’t just giving your home the current generation software, but next generation too. They are constantly releasing updates to give you access to amazing features such as Wi-Fi 6, considered to be the future for wireless technology. Transfer files quicker, access devices quicker, and best of all save battery life using it.

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