Haslam Terrace

Our Haslam Terrace client has us create a state of the art smart home with a focus on cutting edge lighting, security lighting, and shading to give as top notch feel for anyone viewing from the outside or interior of the residence.

A Kitchen Made For Royalty

Lighting can turn an ordinary kitchen into a great kitchen, so when we install proper lighting to an amazing kitchen it turns into a work of art. Multiple Smart Recessed ceiling lights were installed, and setup up with an overall smart home system that can be individually controlled with button touch or voice commands.

Stunning Privacy

Our client stressed privacy was a key concern so we implemented electric shading to their residence. This allowed them to set their shades to automatically close and rise based on the time of day, or they can have them rise or lower with a simple touch of a button or voice command. This gave them them privacy with class.

Elegant Safety

We worked with our client to not only provide security for those walking around their multiple pools at night, but also allow the lighting to boost the overall atmosphere outside. All lights slowly change as the day progresses so by nightfall you have the perfect lighting setup. However if our client wants a tad more privacy, all lights can be turned off or dimmed instantly with a touch of a button.

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