is one of the world’s leading Smart AI systems, built with privacy in mind. allows a developer friendly ecosystem that can be easily customized to whatever needs a client has. The goal is to make connecting to any device easy, fun, and secure. Smart Home Devices

With a range of smart device hubs. You can easily control every smart device in your home with ease. Just plug and play and start enjoying your system. If you need something a little more customized the devices can be easily programed to accomplish your goals. Privacy was built with privacy in mind. They do not collect your information to create a database. Instead they focus on one goal. Giving the best user experience possible with the upmost privacy. Integration

With a top of their industry staff, has already worked to make their devices and smart systems compatible with nearly every product and system out there. If its not already connectable you can request to create integration with it, or have a developer use the easy to integrate API to do it themselves.

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