Lighting Systems

Create the ultimate visual experience with proper lighting. Inside, outside, and in between you can control a perfect lighting situation with your fingertips.

Timed Lighting

Never touch a light switch again. Timed lighting will automatically change based on the time of the day and brightness around.

Media Lighting

Control your home and give it a unique feeling anytime of the day. From spending time with your family indoors, to a romantic dinner lighting outside.

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Lighting, otherwise known as landscape lighting can make or break a homes look. Not only does it offer protection from would be intruders, it gives you the elegance you want from the outside.

Security Lighting

Proper security lighting can not only keep you safe, but blend in well with your home to create a great atmosphere. Have lighting setup to run during the evening, or have it only turn on based on motion detected.

Mood Lighting

A mood can be changed simply by the lighting around you. Make sure you, your loved ones, and your guests all feel great based on the mood lighting you have.

Easily Managed

With a simple voice control or a touch of a button you can create the ultimate lighting atmosphere.

Malibu Home Project

Working with our client’s strict idea for a new age home, together we worked to create something extraordinary. We applied the upmost sophistication to create an outdoor environment that will allow him to entertain guests with a view, or have a relaxing night at home. Because we value our client’s privacy above all else, this project was only shared after being granted permission to do so.

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