Smart Home Automation

Over the last 2 decades Project Automate has been the industry leader for clients that strive for the the latest in technology mixed with the best design possible for their projects. Whether it be a private residence, local business, or advertising display.

Wifi / Networking

Enjoy your private residence without wires obstructing your view from the public’s eye. Our WiFi systems are the top of the line and nothing can compare. Give a simple home WiFi, a multiple room home, or an entire office building. There is no WiFi or networking project to large for us to handle.

Smart Lighting

Our patented software system control4 allows you to control every light in your house. Create dynamic lighting effects for movies, or a smooth lighting setup for an intimate night. You’re only hindered by your imagination, and you can always ask our professionals for opinions.

Smart Shading

We use only the top of the line shading systems. Control your shading systems with ease with a set timer, voice controlled, or with our top of the line smart technology systems on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Smart Audio Systems

Create top tier audio systems completely out of view and listen to your favorite musical pieces inside the house, or even outside by the pool relaxing or entertaining guests. Our smart audio systems allow you to fully control song selection, audio levels, and pretty much every audio style you can imagine.

Smart Theater Systems

Have the ultimate viewing experience with smart technology added. With a click of a button or specific phrase turn on your desired lighting setup, have your projector screen pop up or down, and start enjoying the latest cinematic masterpieces. Or smart theater systems allow you to easily control everything without leaving the couch.

Smart Security Systems

Gain piece of mind with a click of a button with the top tier security systems out there. Use top of the line cameras and view everything going on around your residence on your phone. Set up alert prompts to instantly call emergency services if need be. Auto lock your front doors after a set time period, and open them up with a click of a button on your phone. Welcome to the future of security.

Smart Video Conferencing

Talk with friends, family, coworkers, and more with a smart home conferencing system. PROJECT: automate can analyze your current setup, install a top of the line model, and give you a quick run down of all your new features. Video conferencing has never been easier.

Malibu Home Project

Working with our client’s strict idea for a new age home, together we worked to create something extraordinary. We applied the upmost sophistication to create an outdoor environment that will allow him to entertain guests with a view, or have a relaxing night at home. Because we value our client’s privacy above all else, this project was only shared after being granted permission to do so.

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