KNX is a revolutionary control software that allows you to easily integrate all your devices into one easy to use control standard. This allows the combination of your lighting, security, HVAC, and more into one easy to configure network that homes, storefronts, and large scale corporations can use.

KNX For The Home

KNX for your home can let you control the key features of your life. Lighting controls for managing when, where, and how your lights turn on and off. Security systems that give you full control of watching everything around your house. HVAC system control to make sure your house is always the perfect temperature for you, your family, and guests. Plus more.

KNX For The Business

With KNX systems your business can go that extra distance over the competition. This includes dynamic lighting system controls to create great outdoor and indoor lighting for customers and clients. Lighting, security, and more can be integrated with a KNX system.

KNX Custom Solutions

KNX can be customized to every smart device system you could need. From upgrading systems on the open sea, to a popup store front. KNX can and will give you the customization and features you need.

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